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代码日志 - 一个机器翻译的博客

代码日志是一个编程相关的学习博客,提供java,python,php,c#,linux,node.js,scala,ruby,android,ios,angularjs,javascript,vue.js 等编程资料.

Your ultimate source of retro movies!

Your ultimate source of retro movies!

Your ultimate source of retro movies!
Блог о Linux, Python, Vim и другом здоровом образе жизни | - Блог о Linux, Python, Vim и другом здоровом образе жизни: пишу о всем интересном мне: linux, design, python, django, flask, vim, javascript, sql, nosql, css, спорте, фильмах, юморе.
Luke Haas - JavaScript Developer

A JavaScript developer specialising in React and React Native.
Puritys Blog


Hi, I'm Melvin George, A web developer, and blogger. I’ve written code for Mozilla, Qiskit, and an active contributor to many frontend open-source projects that are being used by millions of people around the world. I love Javascript, React.js, and many new exciting technologies that help society to find a solution to an existing problem. Come check out my blog to see more of software development posts on these technologies.
Full-Stack Web Developer Portfolio, UI/UX Javascript Specialist

Personal Web Developer Portfolio. I'm a Front-End & Back-End Software Developer and UI/UX Javascript Specialist. Check out my React and React-Native components, Github repositories and play the classic Destroy My Portfolio game. - 來苏之望,念狂梦猖 |


The website of Binayak Sahu
David Grzyb | Web Development Personal Blog

David Grzyb is a web developer with experience using PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Livewire, Inertia.js and Vue.js in Hamilton, Ontario.
Joseph Khan | I am a web enthusiast, author & speaker.

I am a Web Engineer and a Packt Author. I am enthusiastic about the Web standards, JavaScript, Open Source
تكنو جيت

موقع تكنو جيت موقع تعليمي متكامل يقدم إختبارات الكترونية للثانوية العامة.
Shameem Reza - Fullstack Software Developer & Flutter Enthusiast

Shameem is a Fullstack Web & Mobile Apps Developer, WordPress Ninja and Blogger based in Bangladesh. He loves to work with Flutter, JavaScript, ReactJs, Laravel & WordPress.

Tales of a full stack developer
Loren Stewart

Programming posts. Mostly JavaScript.
Cours de développement Web en ligne - Chiny

Cours et tutoriels de programmation et développement Web et de sécurité. Cours de HTML, CSS, Javascript et PHP. Apprendre à créer des sites Web en suivant des cours en ligne simples et gratuits pour débutants et initiés
Unlockit4.Me - #1 HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP & jQuery Resources Website

At we provide clean html code, scripts, css templates, responsive website design, Java related work and much more.
Персональный блог Игоря Антонова aka Spider_NET

Персональный блог Игоря Антонова aka Spider_NET. Статьи, заметки о программировании и информационных технологиях. Электронные версии авторских статей из журнала "Хакер".

Salmane | Developer Portfolio

Salmane ben bihi, Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer & Developer passionate about creating user-friendly websites
Software Frontend Developer - Sonjoy Datta

A Frontend Developer experienced in JavaScript and CSS Frameworks, CSS Preprocessor, Version Control, Browser Developer Tools, Testing and Debugging.
Webdevl | Free Programming Courses & Download Free Projects and Templates

Webdevl is a library where you can learn multiple programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and download free projects ald templates